Plumbing is a very important part of any home or building. Its job is to distribute water and fluids, and to remove waterborne wastes. Plumbing is also a very important part of heating and cooling a house or building. There are several different types of plumbing that are used in a home or business.

Plumbing can be a very complex field, and it requires permits, fees, and inspections. The most common type of plumbing is water-based and involves pipes that carry potable water. It also includes drainage systems that run to dedicated systems, such as rain water retention or gray water recovery. When you install these systems, you must be a licensed plumber. Plumbing also includes storm and sanitary drainage pipes that run through a building’s footprint. Plumbing does not include pipes that discharge from exterior gutters or downspouts, which may be installed by an unlicensed person.

The most common problem with drain water systems is clogging. Hair and grease are among the leading causes of clogs. Regularly cleaning plugs will minimize the chances of clogs. You should also watch out for leaks in drain water vent piping. These leaks are often invisible, but can cause structural damage to a building.

To avoid flooding and damage to property, it is vital to have a professional plumber check the pipes. A plumber will have the necessary equipment to repair a clogged drain. A plumber will also check if the pipes are leaking or have any other problems.



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